Prototype, early mockup - Future concept
This is Project

Petricor’s ‘Open House’ project is about developing a series of autonomous robotic devices that are capable of building structures based off architectural designs. The initial proposed concepts will create buildings through the use of additive manufacturing using novel methods and materials for construction.


The OmniDidact version of Open House is an Open Source 3D printer, that can be built with materials and parts that are readily available in most parts of the world,  to begin adopting and testing these new methodologies and to begin printing outside the box.  

The ability to print large objects without size restriction it is a most appealing characteristic and is widened by the plethora of currently available materials which can be used to 3D print objects that were not possible before, due to the inherent limitations of the 3D printers adopted by the market to this date.

In 2018, there will be 1.6 billion people without adequate housing and the average cost of building a home in the United States is approximately $300,000. We feel that we can help reduce both of these numbers in the future with the Open House project.

Others have tried to automate the construction process with some success, and using 3D printing as an aid, has shown remarkable promise.  However, it has been known that simply enlarging the design of a conventional gantry 3D printer is not feasible because, moving the machine onsite will be unwieldy. Not to mention the huge barrier to entry in terms on equipment costs.

Current technologies create the walls and then transport them to the construction site and then are assembled, which is also not very cost effective and still requires a lot of human labor and heavy equipment to setup.

Petricor plans to enable a construction army by making the Open House printers available to individuals and businesses who would use and help improve the technology to eventually print homes for those who are without adequate housing, and help revitalize & beautify the current built environment, or to simply hack them for research & development of new tools, materials and methods.

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