In the context of building a house or a commercial building, the Omniprinters can be used for printing Formwork. Formwork is the mold that is used for conventional concrete structures since concrete is a suspension and doesn’t hold its own shape. The mold is printed and then filled with a concrete mix, these panels are then assembled together to form a bigger object or used as structural support.

Advantages of Formwork:

-Material formulation becomes cheaper and easier since no special additives are needed to use concrete.

-Formwork allows for paneling, pillars, and other geometries to be built without as much reinforcement because concrete can be let to cure for 28 days to obtain the strongest and cheapest concrete that can be produced today.

-Formwork can work both in situ or with prefab methods, with prefab instead of shipping the entire structure the Formwork can be shipped instead to minimize the costs and avoid any transportation problems.

-Formwork allows for architectural freedom while retaining structural integrity.

-If 3D printed, the formwork can be made out of recycled materials, while traditionally it is built out of finite materials such as wood and metal.


-Manual assembly and finishing is required (for now)

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