Minimum viable use case robots Y-Bot

Divide and conquer, is what they say. Designing machines for specific tasks, each one able to perform a different task that complements one another instead of attempting to build a single machine that can do it all. This approach simplifies the design and testing of the solutions while providing a minimum investment of time and […]

Mobile Printing for Tilt-up Construction

The tilt-up system is flexible to produce parts for different assembly methods, the structure doesn’t have to be printed in a single piece. Instead several panels can be printed laying horizontally on the floor, this way of building minimizes the footprint of the equipment since it doesn’t have to be as tall and enables in […]

3D Printing Formwork!

In the context of building a house or a commercial building, the Omniprinters can be used for printing Formwork. Formwork is the mold that is used for conventional concrete structures since concrete is a suspension and doesn’t hold its own shape. The mold is printed and then filled with a concrete mix, these panels are […]

How the Omniprinter works

Thanks to the omnidirectional wheels, the OmniPrinter can move in any direction at any moment, retaining the capabilities and functionality of a conventional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer.  The OmniDidact isn’t perfect however, it comes with some limitations that vary with the desired object to be printed, although most of these limitations are logistical […]

The Omniprinter

The initially proposed working prototype is a simplified machine which purpose initially, is to create basic geometries and begin testing material recipe properties in lab environments while using different 3D printing logistics and employing conventional methodologies.   The Omnididact  consists of an octagonal omnidirectional mobile platform with a mechanical paste extruder attachment and/or a pellet […]

The Gantry Dilemma

    Additive manufacturing is typically performed by attaching one or more extruders to a three degree of freedom gantry system that either moves the extruder or the platform where the object is being created. The entire system is typically housed in a frame that dictates the maximum size of the object created. However, the […]